With GIB® plasterboard a great indoor environment doesn’t have to be at the expense of our great outdoor one. At Winstone Wallboards, we’ve embraced sustainability and are working hard to significantly reduce our impact on the environment.

We’ve integrated environmental awareness into all our business activities:

  • protection of the environment is a day-to-day responsibility all staff must accept
  • appropriate time and resource management to address and continuously improve protection of the environment 
  • high standards of performance are achieved through positive action, employee involvement and constant communication with neighbours, local authorities and customers
  • sales staff encourage designers and installers of GIB® plasterboard systems to minimise the volume of on-site waste and utilise the Winstone Wallboards cut-to-length service
  • operations staff strive to exceed all environmental regulatory requirements at all times

Effective 1st June 2015, GIB® plasterboard has Green Tag® Green Rate eco-label certification in New Zealand for the following range of GIB® plasterboard products:

  • 10mm and 13mm GIB® Standard
  • 10mm and 13mm GIB® Wideline
  • 10mm and 13mm GIB Braceline® GIB Noiseline®
  • 10mm, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm GIB Fyreline®
  • 13mm GIB Toughline®

GreenTag® GreenRate offers GIB® plasterboard customers a significantly wider range of certified products than previously held under Environmental Choice.

Global GreenTag® certification is a renowned third party, green building product rating system that is independently verified as an ISO 14024 compliant Type 1 Eco label and is an ACCC approved Certification Mark launched in Australia in 2010, by Ecospecifier Pty Ltd and now operated by Global GreenTag International Ltd. Global GreenTag’s GreenRate certification is recognised by the Green Building Councils of New Zealand and Australia as a product certification standard for materials credits in Green Star and Home Star Rating Tools. GreenTag® GreenRate is also aligned with proposed changes to the Materials credits to Green Star as communicated in the NZGBC discussion document (May 2015).

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