GIB® Accessories

With any renovation project, there are a number of products and tools needed to get the job done, right, first time. To help you get the desired result of a quality, smooth wall finish, we have listed some of the GIB® products suitable for DIY renovation and repair jobs.


GIB® Patch Board is ideal for small repair jobs to walls in your home. The 10mm Standard plasterboard is conveniently sized at 590 x 1200mm so it can fit into the tiniest hatchback!      




Multipurpose GIB Plus 4® is ideal for use in all situations, including small repair job and touch-up's.  It's versatility and proven performance makes it a popular choice small repairs and DIY work. The 4L pail size is great for DIY jobs.

GIB Tradeset® is a proven, popular and consistent compound, ideal for bedding in paper tape.  It's great for small jobs or patching larger holes.

GIB-Cove® Bond is specifically formulated to bond GIB-Cove® with GIB® plasterboard walls and ceilings.  It has great 'bonding' properties to keep the cove in place as the compound sets.

Adhesives & Sealants

GIBFix® One adhesive is suitable for timber and steel substrates (including treated timber). It's water based, solvent free and virtually odour free.

Paper tape 

GIB® paper tape provides critical strength to joints between plasterboard sheets. It's sanded on both sides to improve adhesion to the compound and therefore improves the final joint strength.



The GIB-Cove® range is decorative and functional, and it adds character to any room in your renovated home.  It's quick and easy to install with a crack resistant joint.



We have a range of GIB® nails and screws for various applications (e.g. fixing GIB® plasterboard to timber or metal). Small packs are available for DIY jobs.