Controlling Noise

The world around us is increasingly full of unwanted interior and exterior noise. As our lifestyles and living habits change – with homes being built closer together, more traffic, more people working from home and households having more appliances and entertainment devices – noise levels are on the increase. There are ways of reducing the noise around you, with effective noise control recommended for:

• Bedrooms and studies
• Lounge, dining room, home cinema, rumpus
• Laundries, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens

The GIB Noise Control® System is a combination of products and building practices that work together to reduce (but not totally eliminate) noise. It works by trying to stop sound waves or vibrations from passing through the wall, ceiling, window or door. 

GIB Noiseline® is the primary plasterboard used in GIB Noise Control® Systems. It is a specially developed lining with an extremely dense core that provides superior noise reduction performance compared with GIB® Standard plasterboard.

This illustration shows how the level of perceived volume is reduced by around half compared to standard construction.