Space & Features

Higher ceilings can make a great difference to any room, no matter what their size. By simply increasing the ceiling height from the standard 2.4 metres to 2.7 or even 3.0 metres, will likely give any room a better sense of proportion and your home a greater sense of grandness and elegance. You could even increase its resale value! 

Mix it up

  • Do you want higher ceilings right through your new home, in the lower storey only or in selected areas such as the entrance way, dining or living room or lounge? 
  • Consider larger rooms that cater for greater numbers of people. 
  • Vary ceiling heights to define boundaries. 
  • Discuss the options with your architect, designer or builder.
  • Don’t forget to talk about the best heating methods for higher ceilings such as ceiling fans that circulate warm air.

Define your own style with GIB Living® Features & Details

Make your home your own by choosing from a range of detailing options. Our Features and Details include coves, rounded edges, skirtings and architraves for use at ceiling-to-wall junctions or windows, doors and floors. Take your pick and create your individual interior style. Learn more