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Building or renovating? Welcome.

For more than 85 years, generations of Kiwis have trusted GIB® products and systems to make their homes drier, quieter and stronger.  Take a look around our website to discover how you too can get the home you really want.

Avoid common pitfalls. Download your building and renovation steps here.

The process of building or renovating can be daunting.  We've put together these guides to shed light on the process and understand the various steps along the way. It's helpful to all parties concerned if you understand what's going on so you can be informed and discuss issues as they arise.


   You can trust GIB® products and systems because...

  • we consistently manufacture to a very high standard so you know that you're always getting the best
  • we stand behind them 100% to give you complete confidence
  • we constantly innovate to ensure they're as good as they can possibly be
  • we make them in New Zealand specifically for New Zealand conditions