Compounds, Adhesives, Fasteners

Compounds, Adhesives and Fasteners play an important part of GIB® plasterboard systems. As GIB® Systems are not generic, substitution of specified or recommended GIB® components can compromise performance.

GIB® Compounds

  • Performance, strength and surface finish from GIB® Compounds play an important role delivering the final finish for decorating
  • Range includes compounds for all applications and weather conditions
  • Characteristics include excellent adhesion and great for renovation work

GIB® Adhesives and Sealants

  • Suitable for different applications and substrates
  • Includes water based, virtually odour free and friendly to the environment
  • Easy to apply, paintable and robust

GIB® Fasteners

  • Tested and approved by Winstone Wallboards for use in GIB® Plasterboard systems
  • Characteristics include superior holding and corrosion prevention
  • Range includes screws specifically designed for maximum bracing performance