Bathrooms & Ensuites


Bathrooms are most at risk from steam and moisture damage that, if left unresolved, can cost you lots of money and even affect your health. Linings and framing, your expensive tile finishes, vanities and fittings could all be at risk from steam and airborne moisture. 

To avoid any problems, you need to maintain an ideal environment by incorporating a properly installed GIB Aqualine® Wet Area System, a combination of design, heating, ventilation and purpose-designed materials.

For added protection that helps prevent moisture penetration and damage to linings, water-resistant GIB Aqualine® is the answer. Use it on ceilings and walls to help prevent condensation damage to linings and the framing behind and it’s also an ideal tiling substrate.

Download our checklists to help you with your new build or renovation project and for reference when discussing your options with your builder or architect.

Tips for your project

  • Whether you are building or renovating, make sure you include GIB Aqualine® on walls and ceilings.
  • If you're renovating, remove the old linings first. Check the condition of existing plumbing and framing.
  • For new or existing homes, we strongly recommend you install smoke detectors.
  • Make your bathroom look bigger by using light wall colours, adding more lights and mirrors; and de-cluttering the room (example: replace floor cabinets with wall cabinets).