Hallway & Stairs


As feature areas of your home, hallways and stairwells need walls and ceilings with the level of quality finish that GIB Ultraline® provides. And to create a greater sense of proportion and space, increase the ceiling height.

To reduce potential noise like people walking up and down the stairs, you could also install GIB Noiseline® on the walls. A GIB Noise Control® System is a combination of products and building practices that work together to reduce (not eliminate) noise and works by trying to stop sound waves or vibrations from passing through walls, ceilings, windows or doors.

As hallways and stairwells are high traffic areas, they usually suffer a high level of wear and tear. You can protect wall finishes or linings from damage by installing a GIB® Tough System which provides resistance to accidental impact and wear and tear.

Download our checklists for your new build or renovation project and use them when discussing your options with your builder or architect.

Tips for your project

  • GIB Ultraline®'s special coated white surface paper makes it the ideal lining to improve the finish quality of your walls and ceilings. 
  • If you're renovating, first remove the old linings. Take the opportunity to install insulation and add or relocate power points.
  • Check the condition of existing plumbing and framing. 
  • Avoid harsh lighting conditions and choose lighter colours.
  • For new or existing homes, we strongly recommend installing smoke detectors.