In kitchens, steam and airborne moisture from cooking and dishwashing can damage wall and ceiling linings. As one of the most often used rooms, the kitchen can also be costly to renovate and repair so it’s important to get the basics right to avoid future damage of expensive appliances, cabinetry and fittings.

To maintain the ideal environment and keep your kitchen looking its best for longer, install a GIB® Wet Area System incorporating GIB Aqualine®, a combination of design, heating, ventilation and purpose-designed materials.

Download our checklists for your new build or renovation project and use them when discussing your options with your  builder or architect.

Tips for your project

  • For protection against steam and moisture damage use GIB Aqualine®. It also offers added fire protection with a superior fire rating to GIB® Standard plasterboard.
  • If you are renovating, first remove the old linings. Check the condition of existing plumbing and framing. Tiled surfaces are not totally impervious to moisture so tiled 'splash' areas should first be coated with a waterproof membrane (a special coating that helps seal the plasterboard surface) for added protection.
  • When building, include a glass or tile splash-back and range hood to help minimise moisture build up.
  • For new or existing homes, we strongly recommend installing smoke detectors.