Lounge & Dining


The lounge and dining room are most likely to be your 'showcase' rooms. As gathering places for friends and family, their overall appearance and therefore quality of finish are especially important.

By installing a GIB Ultraline® System on walls and ceilings, you can give these rooms the finish they deserve.  And delivering a high quality interior finish is just one of the benefits as you can also tick off noise control, bracing and fire rated protection once it's installed.

Increasing the ceiling height of a room can completely change the nature of it, giving it a greater sense of space, proportion and granduer. An increase in ceiling height from the standard 2.4 metres to 2.7 metres (or even 3.0 metres) will significantly change the feel of any size room.

Download our checklists for your new build or renovation projects and use as a reference when discussing your options with your builder or architect.

Tips for your project

  • Whether you're building or renovating, GIB Ultraline® is the ideal lining as it has a special coated white surface paper to improve finish quality. 
  • If you are renovating, first remove the old linings.  Use it as a great opportunity to install insulation and add or relocate power points.
  • Check the condition of existing plumbing and framing.
  • Avoid harsh lighting conditions and choose lighter colours.
  • For new or existing homes, we strongly recommend installing smoke detectors.