Study & Home Office


While the major issue of your study or home office is noise, they’re also places where irreplaceable valuables, important documents, computer files and personal items are kept.

While fire protection is important for every room, a house fire can be all the more devastating when irreplaceable items are destroyed. You probably have insurance and could rebuild your home, but, by planning ahead, you can also save yourself trouble and heartache by giving these items a better chance of survival in the event of a fire.

By installing a GIB® Fire-rated System incorporating GIB Fyreline®, the fire will be kept out of a room longer, allowing more time to get it under control. And for more peace and quiet and to reduce external noise, install a GIB Noise Control® System.

Download our checklists for your new build or renovation project and use them as reference when discussing your options with your builder or architect.

Tips for your project

  • When designing your new home, install a GIB® Fire Rated System in at least one room. The study/home office is ideal.
  • For privacy the study / home office should be located away from external noise sources such as road noise and internal noise sources from the laundry, kitchen, TV room or rumpus, for example.  If an isolated location is difficult, try positioning a wardrobe in between areas to achieve maximum separation.  You can reduce noise by installing a GIB Noise Control® System.
  • After removing old linings take the opportunity to add extra power points for computers, fax machines, extra phone lines, light switches and insulation which in older homes are often minimal. 
  • For new or existing homes, we strongly recommend installing smoke detectors.